We provide entrepreneurs with up to one year of customized weekly business coaching, market linkages and access to debt financing in order to propel their growth.

How it works

Business Workshops

Your journey to scale will begin with a business foundations course tackling relevant business issues. No one likes being lectured at, so we incorporate interactive case studies and group learning. You will dive into topics like product/service innovation to stay ahead of your competition and crafting the perfect marketing message for a digital world. These weekly workshops provide you with the tools necessary to launch your growth.

Business Diagnostic / Growth Plan

Upon successful graduation from the eight-week course, you will be assigned a personal business development advisor (BDA) who will work with you to learn the ins-and-outs of your business. To ensure that their strategic advising is as relevant as possible, your BDA will work with you to conduct an in-depth diagnostic of your business to pinpoint the unique opportunities and challenges you face. Based on this diagnostic, together you will build a tailored plan laying out your growth goals and Ongoza’s support package.

Strategic One-on-One Business Consulting

You will meet with your expert BDA for up to six hours of customized consulting each month. These sessions will be tailored to the needs of your business and each will end with a detailed plan of action. Our BDAs’ areas of expertise span sales and marketing, product development, financial management, business strategy, and operations.

Access to Capital

After three months of engagement in the accelerator, you will become eligible to apply for low-cost debt financing through our financing arm, Key Partners Ltd. We also have relationships with venture capital firms and regularly look to connect eligible entrepreneurs with potential equity funders where appropriate. During our annual investor forum, you will become familiarized with the local investor landscape.

Networks & Linkages

By joining Ongoza, you will join a community of like-minded peers who are invested in your success. Each of our entrepreneurs brings a unique perspective and skillset to the table, so we facilitate regular peer-to-peer networking events to foster conversation and connection. You will also gain access to exclusive external networking events that will plug you into the Nairobi business community and connect you with leading industry experts.

Our Consulting Expertise

Sales and Marketing

Product Development

Financial Management

Business Strategy


Human Resources

Ongoza Alumni Association (OAA)

Don’t worry, we won’t just disappear after graduation. As a member of the Ongoza alumni community, you will continue to gain access to cohort workshops and activities that ensure the sustainability of your business growth. With a year of strategic capacity under your belt, you will also serve as a role model and mentor for ambitious entrepreneurs beginning their Ongoza journey.

Discursive testimonials

Nyambura Kinyori – Picha Booth

"I'm now a part of this community of entrepreneurs with different skills. If I need photography, I can call Thandi. If I need a case for my equipment, I can call George. If I'm organizing an event and need finger food, I can call Stanley. It's such a rich community."

Alex Kamanga – Fundis

“The strategy here actually works. You get continuous advisory unique to your business. I've lost two businesses before and worked with leading startups. I know what works when I see it.”

Joe Muburi – Afrikan Film Centre

“Most entrepreneurs often underestimate the power of coaching and mentorship on their business. Ongoza helps with problems and issues that young businesses need help with. If you are a young business and are ambitious, want to grow and make an impact, then Ongoza is the right partner for you.”

Agnes Nyaboke – Taiboke

“I think my journey with Ongoza has been one of the best parts of this entrepreneurial journey. I’ve learned a lot. Before, I didn’t know how to work on my financials. Now I also know how to pitch to an investor. Ongoza has provided a great platform for me to grow.”

Kelvin Musyoka – Rembo International

“Ongoza is helping me achieve my lifelong dream of working with corporates.”

Rolex Sang - Rex Eye

“We were facing a lot of challenges with regards to sales. Ongoza helped us gain new types of customers and come up with a new marketing strategy for each.”

Pipeline Partners

We collaborate with 20+ pipeline partners to recruit entrepreneurs who are the perfect fit for our services. By enhancing the entrepreneurial value chain, we ensure that businesses of all sizes are referred to the accelerator best suited for their needs. When we work together, entrepreneurs win.

Join the Ongoza Accelerator

We are currently seeking driven young early-stage entrepreneurs to scale their existing businesses.

Applications are assessed on a rolling basis, with each cohort consisting of 15-25 dedicated entrepreneurs.

  • Proof of existence for last six months
  • Registered or in process of registration
  • Average monthly turnover of Ksh 150,000 ($1,500) and up
  • Rapid turnover business with potential to scale in any sector
  • No rain-fed agriculture with short-term land leases
  • Strong potential for business to create employment opportunities as it grows
  • 35 years or younger
  • Full-time engagement in business
  • Entrepreneurial: Clear vision and desire for growth, demonstrated persistence in the face of failure, and belief that hard work leads to success